Car Care Tips – How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New!

There are several things you can do to keep your car in great condition and to retain its value. This doesn't mean simply going through the car wash every week. Although it takes longer, you’ll find that hand washing your car gives a better result. There’s no need to spend a lot on car care products, but you will need to buy a few.


Rinse your car with clean water to get rid of excess dirt, and then wash it with a sponge and soapy water. After you have washed the whole car, rinse it off and then dry it with a dry microfiber cloth. If you don’t dry your car afterwards, you'll notice many spots all over the body of the car when the water dries.

Once in a while, you should use a bug and tar removal product on the body of your car. A great product to go for is one which removes bugs and tar while polishing the car’s surface at the same time.

Polishing and waxing your car often maintains the new car look and also protects the paint from being damaged by the sun.

If your car has alloy wheels, dirt and salt show up more easily and makes them look dull. When shining the tires, always use a spray-on tire shine which is quick and easy to use. This not only keeps them looking like new, but protects them from the sun and gives your car that new clean look.

There are also protecting products which are designed to protect rubber, vinyl and plastic from the sun’s rays. This can be used on bumpers and the interior as well.


Car seat covers are a great idea to protect your seats from getting worn out. They can easily be taken out and washed once in a while. Dirt which falls deep into the carpet causes it to wear out quickly, so regular vacuuming is the best way to prevent this. Floor mats will prevent dirt from getting into your carpet, which can easily wear it away.

Clean the inside of your car’s windows with a high-quality glass cleaner and a soft cloth. When cleaning the dashboard and other interior surfaces, make sure you don’t use a product that will damage them. Some vinyl surfaces can be ruined simply by using the wrong product.

When you are not driving your car, park it in the garage. This not only keeps it out of the sun light, but also prevents it from getting rained on. If you don’t have a garage, consider buying a car cover.