4 Tips On Making Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

Everyone wants to save money at the pump. With gas prices remaining high, most people who drive are interested in ways they can make their car more fuel efficient. Here are some tips that really can help you save money on fuel over the long run.

Fuel Efficiency Tip #1 Drive as soon as you start your engine
This might seem obvious, but as soon as you start your car, you should start driving. Having your engine running on idle will burn gas, therefore you should make sure you’re using that gas effectively.

Fuel Efficiency Tip #2 Don’t ride your breaks
Many people hit the breaks more often than is necessary. Additionally there are quite a few drivers that slow down for a braking car when they could easily just switch lanes. Not riding the break can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 30%.

Fuel Efficiency Tip #3 Turn off your car
If you are waiting for someone or going to be stopping for more than 10 minutes you should turn off your car to keep fuel efficiency at its peak and prevent your engine from using unnecessary gasoline.

Fuel Efficiency Tip #4 Inflate your tires
Many drivers never think of their tires, unless one goes flat. However, having tires that are inflated can save fuel and make your car more fuel efficient, saving you money. Be sure to should check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

While gas prices don’t seem like they will be dropping anytime soon, every tip to help you make your car more fuel efficient is helpful.