Accessories to Improve Your Car

This blog post concentrates for the most part on the cheaper parts that can be found in large automobile parts stores, retail establishments, on the web, and electronic stores that are under $50.

Air deflectors are a wise choice to keep the front of your car clean. Bugs, street garbage, and rocks can all damage your hood or even chip your windshield.  An air deflector may have sent that stone to the side or up and over the top of your car. Rather, your windshield took an immediate hit. An air deflector doesn’t need to cost you a lot and when you consider what you spend fixing your glass, it pays for itself immediately.

Air deflectors additionally help oversee bug splatter. Your wipers work extra hard but the bugs still stick! This will deflect bugs to the side, far from your windshield so you can see better. When shopping for an air deflector for your vehicle, you can search for one that will fit your specific make and model.

Another nice accessory to have is a warmed mug which uses the power from the cigarette lighter. It keeps hot fluids hot in the cold winter months. A few models even have an indoor regulator to set the temperature. There are also coolers that can hold cans of pop or can even hold a full size icebox for recreational vehicles.

Multi-purpose lights can help you see in dark areas. They can be connected to the cigarette lighter or the battery. Though the lights tend to make less light if you have the lights on without the car running which can drain your battery.

The power inverter can be connected to the cigarette lighter, to the battery or can be wired in. These can be used to power things like tablets and PCs and numerous other devices. You shouldn’t go over 400 watts; these high power gadgets deplete the battery of your car rapidly and could even ruin the alternator if your car is running.

There are such a variety of extras that can improve your auto, like seat covers, floor mats, wheel covers, sun shades, GPS and many more. You can find everything you need here at BAM Wholesale Parts!