Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

The busy summer driving season is approaching. Is your car ready? Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer days:
  • Read your owner's manual and follow the recommended service schedules such as oil changes and tires rotations.
  • Flush and refill your cooling system according to the service manual. The level and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically.
  • Have engine performance problems such as hard starts, rough idling, and stalling corrected.
  • Have a qualified technician check the tightness of belts, clamps and hoses. You should be on the lookout for signs of wear, cracking or fraying of belts.
  • Change your oil and oil filter as specified in your car's owner's manual. Also make sure you replace other filters as recommended in the service manual.
  • Check the tread of your tires, including the spare. Let tires cool down before checking their pressure. Uneven wear or pulling to one side can indicate problems with your tires or suspension system.
  • Check all of your lights and bulbs and replace burned-out bulbs.
  • Replace worn out wiper blades and fill your wiper fluid to make sure your windshield will always be clean.
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